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Qwerks - Software for All Ages and Intilekts EasyAudio ActiveX Ver 3.3


EasyAudio ActiveX Control allows easy integration of Audio Conference or Web Conference capabilities into your applications. It allows you to capture audio, compression, transport, decompression and play audio. It supports G.729A codec, ADPCM(32K) codec, PCM A law and PCM u law codec, It uses RTP(Realtime Transport Protocol) as transport protocol and supports multicast, AGC(Automatic Gain Control), Jitter Buffer(180ms) and Noise Reduction. EasyAudio will incorporate in any ActiveX hosting environment.

About Zip Pack:

You can find follow files from
EasyAudio_E.pdf: This document, EasyAudio ActiveX control User Manual.
EasyAudioTest Directory: The VC source code demostrate how to use EasyAudio.ocx

The Way of Purchase :

The release version of EasyAudio will costs 1000$ and the source code of EasyAudio will costs 20000$.Please click this link to buy:

Download: Click to download (98k, including the latest version of control and the test code)
Samples: VC 6.0 and VB 6.0 Samples

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